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Sharkey Tax LLC is proud to be a CERTIFYING ACCEPTANCE AGENT (CAA) participant in the  IRS Acceptance Agent program. An Acceptance Agent is an individual or an entity who is authorized by the IRS to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons in obtaining Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) from the IRS. Alien individuals may include permanent US residents that are ineligible for Social Security numbers. The role of the Acceptance Agent is to responsibly prepare and assemble ITIN applications using Form W-7, but not to act as Internal Revenue Service Agents, nor agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Filing a tax return is a legal requirement for most wage earners, regardless of their legal right to work. Acceptance Agents are knowledgeable facilitators in this process. 

As immigration reform continues to be a prominent aspect of the sociopolitical landscape, more US residents will need assistance in getting up-to-date on their tax return obligations. Sharkey Tax LLC provides a complete service in this area, assisting taxpayers with professionalism and courtesy. Preparing a complete ITIN package requires a lot more expertise than many non-CAA/ AA's often realize. Sharkey Tax LLC is experienced with the specialized tax research needed for 1040-NR, dual status, foreign students, foreign currency, tax treaties, et al.  

As of 2013, the IRS has strengthened its' documentation requirements for Form W7 applications. Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) are  once again permitted to validate non-dependent client documents (with forensics training). Without the assistance of a CAA, taxpayers and non-CAA tax professionals alike MUST attach original documents or certified copies with the ITIN application. Notarized photocopies will no longer be accepted, and ITINS will need to be renewed after 5 years. These new measures have arguably made the Certifying Acceptance Agent's role more critical- the experienced ITIN Acceptance Agent is a blessing for confused and wary future tax return filers.

Sharkey Tax LLC prepares ITIN applications in conjunction with the tax returns that generally must be attached. The flat fee for the ITIN application and advisory is $150, and the attached tax return costs 50% less than the applicable published fee.
Pre-prepared returns are attached and reviewed without any additional fees, but corrections will incur charges.

Please contact Sharkey Tax LLC today- through the Connect page, or call Christina at 908-720-2707.